Before I begin this mutinous rant, I'm going to make one (, probably more than this) thing clear: I'm not one for talking about others' sites. This might stem from a number of things, a) because I feel my own site is probably lacking in more ways than one (i.e. who am I to bitch?) or b) because I also feel it's a dead cause. Unless we web designers (/web reviewers) sugar coat the truth until it's plain-out lying-your-ass-off, the shitty website owner is right and we are wrong. But I digress... [...]


By Tess » November 30th, 2008
<p class="tc"><img src="../img/lifeisgood.jpg" alt="" class="bigbor" /></p> [...]

Life, You Are Something

By Tess » November 21st, 2008
Snnnippppeeetttsss. Yes, I felt like dragging out a (sort of) short word, because I felt like it. And also, my U doesn't work, and so I was trying to fix it; it didn't work, quite obviously. :( [...]

Parents Make for Embarrassing Times

By Tess » November 16th, 2008
Despite the fact that both my parents are very much the modern-day hippy, they can be as embarrassing as all-get-out. I've never had to worry about my parents embarrassing me in front of my friends (or the friends I used to have, anyways), or worry about them doing something extremely dorky, because nine times out of ten, my friends end up hanging out with <em>them</em>. And no matter what they say, it's not the people around us that effects the situation, but <em>my own</em> frame of mine. For instance, I caught this little gem when my headphones were off: [...]

Redneck Centre

By Tess » November 9th, 2008
Not more than two and a half years ago, my family and I were "city folk", as some of the more...less-"city folk" people here would say. Personally, I don't consider myself a "city girl" as we've lived everywhere, and visited everywhere (hell, my Papa has lived 5 minutes from us <em>now</em> my whole life, and it's never bothered me). What's so...dramatic here is not the over-indulgence in <del>bad</del> country music or in the very redneck accents (who originated from Georgia, but that rant is for another day), but the "little" community we have. Every part of my city has it's own little sections, and technically I live just inside Cisco Garden and just outside of Marietta. [...]

Make or Break?

By Tess » November 5th, 2008
I'm getting far into the <a href="" title="External Link: National Novel Writing Month">NaNoWriMo »</a> challenge; over 17,000 words already! :D Besides this good start, I'm starting to get obsessive with my <a href="" title="External Link: NaNoWriMo meter Firefox plugin">NaNoWriMo Meter »</a>; it calculates how many words you'll write by how many words you've written so far, and despite having a 114k word count (that's predicted, mind), I want it at 150. Yeah, Tess, over-achiever much? [...]

High Times of Grammarschool

By Tess » November 1st, 2008
I'm competing in <a href="" title="External Link: NaNoWriMo">NaNoWriMo »</a> once again, only this time I will endeavor to <em>win</em>. For those who are not familiar with the event, NaNoWriMo is a competition to see who can write 50,000 words for their own story throughout the entire month of November. It's nothing truly special and exciting, but I suppose it's more of an event to get people to write than it is for people to compete against each other. [...]


By Tess » October 31st, 2008
Not dressing up this Halloween; this in no way means I believe I'm too old (or some such nonsense) but because I have no money to buy a costume, and I don't have much of a wardrobe to pull something out of my back pocket. [...]

Excuses Untold

By Tess » October 15th, 2008
Uncategorized actually the name of a site I know, and I just realized this. Alas, I am too lazy to edit it, so it'll stay. On topic, I have a million excuses as to why I didn't blog, but I forgot them because I was traveling in Spain and some Spanish man picked me up and made me his (willing and happy) slave for a week. Or something. [...]