Just a Fad, Darlings

By Tess » December 14th, 2008

Before I start yet another (half-angry, yet <em>very</em> (see the emphasis) intelligent) rant, I want to state a disclaimer for the record: this isn't aimed towards anybody, I promise. This is a very important(!) issue that's been bugging for since 2005, and just now have I actually "looked into it" (a.k.a. browsed Wikipedia and asked my sister about the things I was too lazy to read about). I'm not going to kill you if you disagree with me either, these are only my <del>correct</del> views.

<strong>Emo is a music genre. Only, if that.</strong>

Oh, did I just jump right into that? Me = bad. But…while I'm there, might as well start off. First off, yes, I am aware if I were to pick on any sort of stereotype, I could aim for the (incorrect) "Scene", or possibly the stupidly unintelligent, a-blind-person-could-tell-different "Screamo", but I want to piss off some Emo kids. And make fun of you in the process. Moving on…

The term Emo started off in the 1980's as a <em>music</em> genre&#8212;while it hasn't been exactly claimed as such (i.e. Rock, Rap, etc.), that's what it is, and it's short for <strong>emotional</strong>. Most people like to classify a rock band as such, and in the 2000's, it grew into a <em>fashion</em> genre, for people with tighter-than-6-sizes-too-small jeans and a bang swoop. Researching aside, I'm going to give a bulleted list not only on the lack of intelligence the second genre <em>is</em>, but also the lack of clarity in the music genre, as well.

<li><strong>Music</strong>. Music can be anything (and I think I covered the amount of "emotion" <a href="/all-hale-music-momentarily/" title="Internal Link: Similar Post">» behind it</a>) and as such, "emotional" can be applied to any genre. First off, applying rock bands under this is fucking bullshit. If you're going to apply the label (short. for. emotional. – get it right), you're going to have to apply it to classical bands, rap musicians and country artists. Nine times out of ten, a musician will write/produce/sing an "emotional" song, therefore making them "emo". (Oh, did I just scare you? Sorry about that.) Another little tidbit&#8212;most bands people have classified as Emo have stated that it's "a pile of shit", "bullshit" and "the most retarded term ever". Quote, unquote, m'dears, so stick that in your back pocket.</li>
<li><strong>Fashion</strong>. If you've applied the "emo" genre to strictly rock bands, you have obviously not thought about the fashion aspect, now have you? Fashion…can be emotional. In a artsy, hippy way, and not in tight jeans and a bad bang job. Seeing someone with tight(ish) jeans and a trendy hairstyle doesn't make them "emo", because you have no idea if they're emotional or not. Yeah, they could be a robotic asshole for all anyone knows, and yet someone instantly apply's a genre to someone without even knowing who they are, or even how they dress&#8212;it could have been laundry day. Fashion isn't suppose to have genres, it is what it is, without any spectacular subcategories.</li>

I know a lot of people will roll their eyes at my…rather enthusiastic shittyness there, but I do believe it's all bullshit. Most people <em>know</em> it is, but I want to reach out to those who are still unbelievably wrapped up in the image. Whenever I hear someone say, "I want to be Emo!" or say "I'm Emo!", no level of intelligence is shining through, my friend. Look it up, research your shit. If you're going to stereotype yourself, know what the hell you're talking about.