Excuses Untold

By Tess » October 15th, 2008

…is actually the name of a site I know, and I just realized this. Alas, I am too lazy to edit it, so it'll stay. On topic, I have a million excuses as to why I didn't blog, but I forgot them because I was traveling in Spain and some Spanish man picked me up and made me his (willing and happy) slave for a week. Or something.

<strong>I was accepted as a developer</strong> at <a href="http://thefanlistings.org/" title="External Link: The Fanlistings.org">The Fanlistings »</a>, along with three others! 😀 It's definitely spiffy enough to <em>squuueeeeee</em> about!

<strong>Indiana Jones marathon</strong> tomorrow! As my Dad got the new one, I had to devote a day to watching all of them, since I've never watched them; this means that I actually have to keep my antsy ass in one place for at least six hours.

<strong>I cleaned my room</strong> and it's shiiinnyyyy! I usually devote a whole day to it, at least once a month, but still; it's nice walking on vacuumed carpets and laying down on clean (and hairless!) sheets! 😀

<a href="http://cutthisbullet.deviantart.com/" title="Deviantart.com">dA (deviantArt)</a> is bombtastic (and yes I know I linked to my own account, shut up), no lie! I also love the photography (and illustration) there, it's amazing. Or maybe it's just <a href="http://mehmeturgut.deviantart.com/art/after-massacre-70319364" title="External Link: 'After Massacre' by mehmeturgut">this deviation »</a> that makes me giggle almost hysterically. Which gets me thinking about how many favorites I have, as I had to <em>dig</em> that one out. *mutters*

<strong>Oh, and new layout</strong>. I'm not one for devoting a whole entry to something I see as pointless (at least with my own site), so yeah. And it's rotating images!