How Very Classy

By Tess » July 26th, 2009
I'm almost<a href=""><sup>1</sup></a> positive every teenager not <em>absolutely</em> positive what they're sexual preference is questions it. It's natural, and with society more open now than it ever was before<a href=""><sup>2</sup></a>, to question something. You feel attraction, and you ask yourself, "Am I <em>gay</em>?". [...]
I've always been interested in history. Wait, let me rephrase that: I've always been interested in history other than my own. American History bores me to <em>tears</em>, and no matter what anybody tries to tell me, I <em>don't</em> want to know about a whole bunch of dead old guys who are, well, <em>dead</em>. I will essentially use this information about...0 times in my life. [...]

Tess' Facts of Wonders!

By Tess » January 12th, 2009
I wanted something light, happy and (very un)inspiring, so I complied a list of random and obscure facts nobody knew about me...that's also completely useless. <em>Completely</em>. <abbr title="Oh My God">OMG</abbr>, I have such wonderful ideas. [...]

And life goes on!

By Tess » January 10th, 2009
My posts always take on a sort of story-telling adventure, and it's always to put off something else more important, but I'm going to give it to you blunt and forcefully: [...]

R is for Random

By Tess » December 30th, 2008
<strong>Translation:</strong> DON'T do anything, bitch. We want your money. [...]

Merry Christmas!

By Tess » December 24th, 2008
Hannah<a href="#note-1">¹</a> and the family (parents, two dogs, eight cats<a href="#note-2">²</a>, chicken, snake and I) wish all and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D May all receive their wishes and give, give, give, and more importantly, may all celebrate their practices and religions to their hearts content. ;) [...]

…ah, it's been a while…

By Tess » December 21st, 2008
Yes, another ranty-post&#8212;er, try sappy&#8212;but I want to tell you of a personal story, inside of my political beliefs. It also beats talking about my uniquely busy life right now&#8212;and honestly, <em>who</em> wants to read about that? [...]

Just a Fad, Darlings

By Tess » December 14th, 2008
Before I start yet another (half-angry, yet <em>very</em> (see the emphasis) intelligent) rant, I want to state a disclaimer for the record: this isn't aimed towards anybody, I promise. This is a very important(!) issue that's been bugging for since 2005, and just now have I actually "looked into it" (a.k.a. browsed Wikipedia and asked my sister about the things I was too lazy to read about). I'm not going to kill you if you disagree with me either, these are only my <del>correct</del> views. [...]

All Hale Music (…momentarily)

By Tess » December 7th, 2008
For some random and obscure reason, <a href="" title="External Link: Raine at">Raine »</a> inspired me to write a post on <em>music</em>. Yes, <em>music</em>; something I rarely (if ever) talk about. [...]