Irritation is Sometimes Insanity

By Tess » October 4th, 2008

I'd thought I'd have more <a href="" title="The 'Questions, Comments and Whys' post">» irritation on steroids</a>-type posts, but I think when I think of Lyone, I'm in a good mood, instead of the other way around. D:

<strong>I hate most smileys</strong>, but anime smilies irritate me the most. Honestly, I had to ask a friend what the added <samp>;</samp> and <samp>^^^^</samp> (that one was a bit exaggerated, blame it on my possessed fingers) were, and she answered "they're sweat drops". My response? "…so?" WHY have "sweat drops", when you can just say "I'm nervous" or "I'm angry", because I'll understand you a whole hell of lot better that way.

<strong>I hate feminism</strong>, and I hate women who think they've been "wronged" when a guy tells them they're lower than sheep. Honestly, <em>it's not that bad</em>, and even if it were, joining an activist group about it isn't going to solve a damn thing. Men have been wronged just as much as women, and I do believe women have more rights and can get away with a whole lot more now than before. When <em>you've</em> been assaulted in an inappropriate manner by <em>two different guys</em>, then come and talk your bullshit to me.

<strong>Flickr and WordPress</strong> are <del>one of</del> the slowest services of the planet of the internet. Bloated WordPress will probably always work like a snail, but Flickr takes the gold.

<strong>I hate getting mad and then finding I'm not as mad as I thought</strong>, I really do. I have a whole lot of mean bones in my body, I just can't seem to hold onto them worth a damn. Boooo me!