Greetings! (Literally)

By Tess » December 25th, 2007

Ah, well, Merry Christmas! Kind of late, considering it's almost 12 (on Wednesday, making it the day AFTER) but I did say it, so there. *nods*

I got a few things for Christmas: a entertainment stand (don't laugh! I needed it like woah), a basket of all kinds of things (from my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jason), a toy that I won't give details on, but by the time you're done reading this, I'm sure you'll get the idea (from my Uncle Furtle), a new DVD player (my parents again), a porcelain mask from New Orleans (my Aunt Debbie #2), some jewelry (parents and other aunts) and money (ha! more the merrier to spend on my magazines). I mostly got everything I wanted on my birthday (which happened to be a month ago) so I didn't really get much.

I admit, after all that, and I was still in a funky mood all day, but I wasn't feeling good, so I'm assuming that's part of the reason. My mood, however, brightened when my Uncle set up my stand to set up my electronics and when I realized that I needed to write some fanfiction like woah. First off, I've got a H/D one in the talks (with myself, I admit), but what I <em>love</em> and don't see enough of is: Blaise/Neville and Albus/Scorpius…two guilty pleasures of mine, I admit. I've always been attracted to those pair for no reason at all, and was a little more than excited when I found a few ff pieces online…but that's it! I'm <em>definitely</em> starting on the Blaise/Neville one right away…draft time! I've got a few ideas, but Mystery/Drama is more my style, so I have to think up a plot. And it's a little sad that I can come up with a plotless slashy one-shot, yet when it comes time to something I master in, I dud out. I'm thinking of top!Blaise, bottom!Neville, but it can always change, depending on how you write the characters. And I'm absolutely 100% sure Neville isn't brainless&#8212;he's just shy. (I suffer from it, and I'm smart as hell!)

I need to stop with the Fanfiction talk…and I need to warn people of that, too. Some people might get bored…