…the K-K-K Stuff!

…the K-K-K Stuff!

While » …and the Indians Mated With the White People – the infamous entry about my Dad’s explanation on my heritage – was a hit back in the “day” when I ran on WordPress and still had all my comments, I never planned on making a second edition, or expanding that story in any way, because go read it’s amazing by itself, but as per usual with my Dad, what he told me last week just needed to be blogged, and needed to happen.

For those who aren’t familiar, and/or don’t live in North America, the KKK » stands for “Ku Klux Klan”, and was a hate activist group that specialised in spreading the following message: white people rule, and if you are not white, you die. For many, this kind of outlook was especially a home run, and the entire “organisation” itself is often the butt of a lot of jokes seen in movies, skits and TV series’, as well as read in books and heard in music1 – as seen today in this entry. The KKK is often associated with the Baptist religion2 as the KKK really only exists in the southern part of North America, and Baptism runs deep in my Grandpa’s families’. My Grandpa Rodney and that side of the family doesn’t actually practise religion like my Papa and his family do, but our family roots apparently tie to the organisation. In » the aforementioned entry, the Dad mentions our heritage as:

Me: Dad? We’re Indian right? From Grandpa Rodney?
Dad: Yes, we are. About a couple of centuries back, we were pure Indian until we mated with the white people.

I had originally thought I was 50% English, but that isn’t true. Apparently, I’m:

Me: 50% English, right?
Dad: No. You’re 25% English, 25% Indian, 25% German and 25% Irish. Rodney is half-Indian, from his father, and half-English from his Mother… you know, I’m talking the K-K-K stuff!

And yeah, I’m totally excited that I’m more Indian than I thought I was, and I’m not as horribly Irish as my hair likes to insist I am – and yes, the K-K-K stuff had me cracking the fuck up, because only my family disregards important “monuments” as jokes, and only my family snubs their past religion(s) in a manner that would make my late Grandma go into a second heart-attack – but this is coming from the same man who thought it wasn’t hypocritical to, after quitting smoking, barge towards a innocent passerby, thump the cigarette out of their mouth and say “smoking kills3.

  1. « Not that I can blame the jokes; I just made a joke.
  2. « It’s actually Catholicism – or the Catholic religion – that’s tied to the K-K-K, not Baptism; nonetheless, Baptism is also the butt of most jokes, so it’s an honest misconception.
  3. « He didn’t actually do that, only said he’d do it, as he’d be “a horrible ex-smoker”. Still, I am fucking THERE with a video camera when he is one.