I've always been interested in history. Wait, let me rephrase that: I've always been interested in history other than my own. American History bores me to <em>tears</em>, and no matter what anybody tries to tell me, I <em>don't</em> want to know about a whole bunch of dead old guys who are, well, <em>dead</em>. I will essentially use this information about…0 times in my life.

Back to the title: "…and the Indians mated with the white people." Not a direct quote, but something like that came from my <a href="http://dad.wyngs.net/blog/e/38/" title="Similar Post: 'No Dad, I Will Not Kill the Wall'">&raquo; very strange</a>, <a href="http://dad.wyngs.net/blog/e/43/" title="Similar Post: 'Parents Make for Embarrassing Times'">&raquo; very horny</a> Dad. Yes, you guessed it, I asked about my <em>history</em>.

My Dad has two Dads; his step-dad who adopted him when he was twelve, and his real father, who my Dad met at/after he was 40. I love both of them dearly, and it was to my surprise and delight that my sister and I found out that we were in some way Indian. Yes, <em>Native</em> Indian. As in, <em>real</em> Americans. When I asked my Dad if he knew how we were Native Indian several months ago, his answer (and "story" as it were) was:

<strong>Me:</strong> Dad? We're Indian right? From Grandpa Rodney?<br>
<strong>Dad:</strong> Yes, we are. About a couple of centuries back, we were pure Indian until we mated with the white people.

…yeah. I swear on my very hearty heart that my Dad is the <strong>strangest</strong> man that ever lived. His weird topics of discussion, such as the "zipper" incident (Courtney came out with "What has 1000 teeth and can hold the incredible hulk? <em>My zipper.</em>") which resulted in my Dad wondering how many zippers there actually were on jeans, before trying to mentally count them. Or maybe his very high shopping trip a few months ago that had him going to about thirteen different food stores. Or perhaps it's his <em>needing</em> me to write this off-the-wall story about an old man and his adventures.

Back on topic once more: yes, I want to learn about my history. Indians have enraptured me since I can remember, and sometimes I even dreamed about living as one/marrying one. I even have theories about how my half-white (well…on the inside, the Indians are like the damn Asians, they carry genes like nobody's business (I know, that comparison was lame, maybe someday I will come up with something more catchier)) children will venture to England and meet an English warlord who's half assassin, half lord…OK, maybe I'm living in the 1800s on that one. <em>Fascinating</em>, I say.

Now, if only I wasn't so lazy as to open another tab in my browser and go to <a href="http://wikipedia.org/" title="External Link: Wikipedia">Wikipedia &raquo;</a> and actually <em>learn</em> about them.