All Hale Music (…momentarily)

By Tess » December 7th, 2008

For some random and obscure reason, <a href="" title="External Link: Raine at">Raine »</a> inspired me to write a post on <em>music</em>. Yes, <em>music</em>; something I rarely (if ever) talk about.

I have to remedy this situation, now don't I?

Music. Yes, something that can be both annoying and moving at the same time. It's this way with anything else, really (art, movies/TV, sports), but what's <em>different</em>, is we can be moved by the vocals of the singers (oh, am I resisting <em>that</em> fanlisting!), the lyrics of the song and yes, the instruments that make the symphony. What's even <em>more</em> exciting is there are <em>genres</em>, such as Rock, Rap and Techno (…and classic, something I enjoy, believe it or not!).

The point of this post in general is how my music tastes differ from others. It's not just one genre I'm partial to, it's the exact opposite: what genre am I <em>not</em> partial to? My <a href="" title="Internal Link: Top 8 image">» Top 8 Artists</a> at my <a href="" title="External Link: tesserini at"> »</a> profile is so…<em>random</em>. Upon looking at the artists, you have (<em>should</em>) realize my artists are different. There are not two artists on the eight artist list that belongs in the same category (though Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin are probably the closest)!

What do I love about music? That's the real question, really. What draws me to the <a href="" title="External Link: tesserini's Top Artists at">various artists »</a> I listen to? I've tried narrowing it down to vocals, instruments and lyrics; I've tried singling out artists by looks; I've even tried pretending which artists I could be (yes, men, too!).

Beat. Thinking. Flashing images of memories and future times. Perhaps that sounds like something <a href="" title="External Link: Raine at">Raine »</a> would say, but it might just be true. If truth be told once again, I'm beginning to think I'm versatile in my loves for things, and in how much I can love in the category.