…ah, it's been a while…

By Tess » December 21st, 2008

Yes, another ranty-post&#8212;er, try sappy&#8212;but I want to tell you of a personal story, inside of my political beliefs. It also beats talking about my uniquely busy life right now&#8212;and honestly, <em>who</em> wants to read about that?

For anyone who didn't know, Harry Potter was what got me into what I do now&#8212;Web Design. Something I love and hate, something I love as hobby, and love as a job. Something that has ruled my life since it's been introduced to me, and something that has taught me far more than I thought I ever would.

Harry Potter…a series half of the world loves, half of the world hates. HP was introduced to me in fourth grade, when the first and second books were read to me. I love them, and I loved the mystery, intrigue and captivating world behind them. I love HP! When I found out there were going to be movies, I went to the first, and it is now a tradition in the family to go see <em>every</em> one. I've watched all the young stars grow up, grow beards and flash us nude photos (yes, I'm looking at you, DanRad!). I've seen the first three movies bomb their way into non-HP-readers hearts, felt the 4th movie flop in my heart (WORST. DIRECTION. EVER.) and lift back up with the 5th (BEST. MOVIE. EVER).

6th movie? I'm <em>excited</em>. Because no matter how much I stray from HP, it always come back to this. Me getting all excited for the adventure our family will take this coming summer, angry at the push back HP got (and for as shitty as a movie Twilight was, that was a crap move, WB) and excited at the theme park that is right outside my city. I get to hear DanRad's half-annoying-if-he-wasn't-cheeky British accent, Tom's perfect features, Emma's stunning growth and Rupert's manliness. WIN. (I won't mention the other actors, I could go on for hours with that.)

<em>It always come back to this</em>. If I could make up a song on how much HP has changed my world, I don't think it'd ever compare to the love inside me. Thank you, J.K. Rowling, because without you, I don't know where I'd be in life. That's sappy and a little sad, and yes, pathetic in a sense, but it's the truth, baby dolls.