I’m Tess, a 20-something cat animal lady that moonlights as a web developer and student, while juggling being a prep supervisor to a restaraunt. I currently own three animals: two cats, the female Jean Benet and the male Sidney; and a male red-tail boa, Jose. I reside in Northeast Florida, where I collect seashells every three years and rocks every four, and glare into the sun every morning.

Lyone — stands for ‘lion’ or ‘leon’, for no reason — was bought in 2007, lost in 2009, and bought back in 2016; ten fucking years, man. It’s the only blog powered by a script that wasn’t made by me, but by WordPress, with heavy modifications to my own theme.

Things I am / do / love: my soulmate, gay, feminist, LGBTQA supporter, Caucasian/Native American, photography fanatic, piano player, outward blonde/inward redhead, very slow walker.

Things I care nothing for: white feminism, onions, racism, dirty toilets, leggings as pants, mullets, fucking crocs.